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Bomb It 7:

Boys and girls, what we all expected another new version of Bomb It 7, and we are already in 7 if 7 versions of this great game that we enjoy every day. For those who already know it, they will find things even more fun than the previous versions and for those who should not play it anymore, remember that the objective is to put bombs but not be reached by the explosions of these. Come, girls and girls, we hope you have fun as much as we playing a new version of Bomb it 7.

Do you hate your current PC games? Want something new and exciting? Are you ready to bomb him? This game makes you hook the first time you play. Do not believe me? So why not try it yourself! Bomb It 7 is the seventh game to be created to meet the needs of PC players.

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The keys on the computer keyboard are the necessary buttons for this game. To make the game user-friendly there are only a few dedicated keys needed to play this game. The best part is that it’s so easy to use, even your grandmother can play. Bomb 7 is about strategically using bombs to make sure you are not attacked by the enemy and let you reach the end of each level.

With one or two player game options, you can be sure you want good hours trying to beat this game.

For example, it will be a specific key to release bombs. Spacebar and specific motion buttons that allow your avatar to move through the arena. You must move your avatar back and forth side by side with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Keep in mind that this will also be explained in the help section at the beginning of the game.


When you start the game for the first time, you have the opportunity to access a helpdesk that gives you tips and tricks, including the correct keys that will be used to move your avatar and, most importantly, to release them bombs! Follow these instructions, make sure you get the most out of your bombing. Once you’ve started the game, you can choose several different options, such as the number of levels you want to complete or the setting you want your game to a base. Selecting parameters is a simple task by clicking on each parameter or selecting from the drop-down menu. Last but not least, choose your avatar. There are always many different options to choose from.


In bombing 7, it is your duty to collect as many points as possible from each level by losing bombs to the enemy. Remember, there may be more than one enemy on each level. You also increase bonus points by destroying something that blocks your way. When you lose your bomb, do not wait for it to go away! You must put your avatar at a safe distance to avoid being caught in the explosion!


To keep you entertained, creators have designed many different levels to keep you from being bored. When you reach a level, the difficulty of increasing will keep you on your toes while trying to avoid even more enemies and even more obstacles.

Think you are up to the challenge?

Good Luck!