Bomb It 5

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Bomb It 5:

If guys and girls finally have the latest version of Bomb It, we were all waiting for this 5 version of the game that we love. Today we are going to play Bomb It 5, we will find a lot of new options and new graphics to have fun. We have 4 ways to play the game, it can be ARCADE where we must destroy all the enemies in order to advance level. BATTLE REAL, in this mode we must show that we are the best destroying 10 enemies. PAC-MAN in this mode we must encárganos collect all the monads that are on the stage. GREEN AREA you must stay in the green zone long enough, you must fight for that place against the other players. As always to play they must use the arrow keys and the spacebar to put the bombs. If you play two players, player 1 uses the arrows and the enter key to place bombs. Player two uses WASD and spacebar to place the bombs. All told now to play BOMB IT NOW!

Bomb It 5 is the fifth bomb sequel, a series of games available to users via their computer. This fun and interactive game suits everyone and can be enjoyed by children and adults. You can choose your own avatar when you start the game. There is an avatar for everyone.

You have to cross the maze to cross obstacles and enemies that block the road. The game allows users to collect additional points when collecting additional tiles once you have removed an obstacle in your way. You can use the arrows on the keyboard to navigate your avatar through the game and explode bombs to destroy your enemies and move through the maze.

Remember the more points you get, the better dressed you can make your avatar!
You will encounter obstacles on your way to be removed. How do you do it? By bombing them of course! The same goes for your enemies. If they’re on their way, it’s time to bomb them before they catch you. It is available to one or two players. So if you want a new challenge or want to beat your friends, give it a bomb once.


You can choose to play this game with one or two players, which allows you to choose your own avatar and difficulty level. You can also decide how many enemies you want to conquer. This is a user-friendly menu because all you have to do to start the game is to select “Start Game”. It also provides an option “how to play” that contains information about the keys used to detect bombs and arrows to use to move your avatar. You can disable or deactivate the volume with the audio settings on your computer.


Spacebar detonates the bombs, so you can navigate the maze. Be careful not to stop next to the bomb when it goes out or it will be the end of the game. The arrow keys on the keyboard can be used to navigate your avatar around the game.


The goal of this game is to steer you through the maze by clearing obstacles in your way (bombard) and bombing all enemies before they bombard you. You must be quick to get out of these bombs or they can get you too!


There are 4 different levels with every 5 levels in each section. As you go through the game, each level becomes more difficult. As you continue to play the game you increase the bonuses that increase the score and the more you play the better you will appear and hopefully finally reach the final level. It can be helpful to keep the levels light first to get used to the controls and improve your skills before moving on to the most difficult versions.

Happy Bombing!

See you at the end!