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Bomb It 4:

Now, guys, we leave you the latest version until the moment of our favorite game Bomb It, of course, we are talking about Bomb It 4. Improvements in graphics, new scenarios, new characters are some of the improvements you will find in this fun version of the already classic Internet games. As in the previous versions of Bomb it we have new game modes, in this case we find “Field Battle” and if name already tells us that we must come out alive from a real battle of bombs where we must kill 10 enemies with our bombs and of course not to be reached by the explosions of them. Collectors of coins, this way we must collect 10 coins, while we avoid being reached by the bombs and lava of the volcanoes. Finally, we have the way of painting in which we have to paint 50 squares, to paint them you only have to walk on them. We hope you have as much fun as we do with this great game, Bomb It 4.

Have you heard of the bomb that plays? Bomb it 4 is the fourth game that will be created in this series by guessing? Of course! In this game, you use bombs to destroy your enemies and help you navigate the game.

This is an easy-to-use game that will entertain the whole family or have trouble accessing the computer to play this game. It will keep kids entertained for hours with the colorful and understanding characters they have.


To navigate in this game, first select the avatar with which you want to play. There is also a help section included in the game that provides information on moving into the game and detonating bombs.

If you do not like the music played in this game, you can still adjust the sound settings on your computer. You can use the arrow keys and the spacebar to move your avatar through the game back and forth or side to side and, of course, detonate the bombs that will help you increase your score. Once you have detonated a bomb, do not forget to take your avatar, because you do not want to be caught in the blast!


Playing with Bomb It 4 is easy because it uses simple instructions to guide you through each level. To start the game, simply select the “start” option and take it from the options menu where you can select the number of players. You can have 1 or 2 players. Then you can choose to have 1, 2 or 3 enemies depending on how safe you feel to destroy them. You can also choose the type of sand you would like to save for The Egyptian Tomb or Pizza Restaurant are just some of the options for you to choose from. The last step is to determine the severity. You choose to start at the light level or you can switch to the more difficult options.


The goal of Bomb It 4 is to complete one level to move on to the next. There are a total of 20 levels that you must complete completing the entire game. You will discover that there will be things on the way, so you have to eliminate them to get through each level. Bombarding your enemies or something that blocks your path is the best chance to succeed in this game.


As you progress from the first level, you will notice that the difficulty increases. This will continue throughout the game for you to reach the end, you must master each level before continuing. Do you think you can do that? There are 20 different games and levels to reach to become a well-deserved master of the 4th pump.

Are you ready?