Bomb It 3

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Bomb It 3:

Guys and girls continue with the super fun versions of Bomb It, in this new version of Bomb It 3 in addition to the classic game of Bomb It we have other very funny modes like “Real Battle” in this battle we must kill at least 10 enemies to be able to win It is a battle where only 1 comes alive. Aquamania, in this way we must expel 10 enemies or 10 sheep out of the map to be able to advance for this you will throw strong “jets” of water. Racing in this mode we must choose our character and run a super fun race on horseback, cars, gummies and more, against other competitors, of course on our way there are weapons that you can use by pressing the space bar to stop the other competitors.

Do you like to destroy your enemies? Do you need a challenge? Do you want a fun game to play? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then bomb 3 is the game for you.

This is the third part of the Bomb’s creator in this series. The game itself is easy to navigate since even children have no problems playing this game for hours in the end. Are you a father and mother and would you like to take care of your child? Or how about playing with them? With one or two player options, this game can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family.


To move through the game, use the keyboard with the Enter button, spacebar to release your bombs and arrow keys to move around the arena.

At the beginning of the game is a section that explains how to play the game. You should read this first to get the highest score on your first try. The music given can be cut on your computer if you need to play this game quietly or if you do not like music. Remember that space deflects the bombs! This is probably the most important thing to remember because it is so that you will get your avatar in the sand.


With this game, you can choose options for a single player or two. You start the game by selecting “play”. This allows you to choose your difficulty, the number of enemies you want to destroy and the level of each part of the game. Want to play in a certain arena? Then you have the option to choose. What about playing at the mall or at the water park? To start playing, you must select a character you want to be. There are some wonderful and creative avatars to choose from.


Bomb It 3 was created to allow players to go through each level using bombs to destroy their enemies and let them deactivate through the game. You earn bonus points when collecting the gifts provided to help you overcome the barriers introduced. You will have hours of fun from this game!


There are a total of 15 levels at the Bomb It. 3. The first level is the easiest level to complete. Once you have completed Level 1, Level 2 starts automatically, which becomes a bit more difficult. This process is continuous because the higher the levels the more difficult the game will be. Do you think you’re ready for this? The more you play this game, the better you will be and you can beat your friends and family. Continue and soon you will notice that your skill is improved and your points increase.

Good Luck! It’s time to start bombing!