Bomb It 2

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Bomb It 2:

Bomb It 2 is the second part of the series, which is twice as funereal as the first. Like the first version, your goal is to kill enemies using different bombs and weapons that you can collect on the game. But this time there are different worlds to choose from and more exciting levels to complete. This is available for a player mode and two players. Several gaming sites offer this game for free. Enjoy more colorful graphics and cool backgrounds with Bomb It 2.

Game Controls

Use the arrow keys to move your character and use the space bar to plant bombs, if in a solo mode. If you play with a friend, the first player A, W, S and D uses the keyboard to move and the spacebar to plant bombs. For the other player, use the arrow keys to move and the key to plant bombs. Use these bombs to explode things that keep you from going through. They are also used to kill enemies. But be sure to get away from them because you can also be killed if you hit the explosion.

Power Ups, Weapons and Vehicles

Collect power-ups, and space to get some ideas and to defeat your enemies. Here is a plan for the power, armor and bicycle you can get.

Power Ups

Bomb + 1 = When you have this power, double-click the spacebar and two bombs are planted instead of one.

Power Blast + 1 = makes the explosion even more intense with this effect.

Speed Booster = allows your character to move faster.

Extra life = provides extra service life.

Shield = Protects bombs and attacks from enemies.

Press the bomb = allows you to move the bomb out of your way.

Invincibility = Enables enemies to be killed by sending them.


Double Shot Gun = Use this to kill your enemies.

Rocket Launcher = Long-term goalkeeper.

Flame Thrower = Put your enemies on fire, but make sure they are not too close or you want to burn too.

Laser Gun = let your enemies kill them far away.

Hammer = You can kill enemies by closing them or close to you.

Landmine = Put this and it will break one of the remaining ones.

Remote Bomb = Plant this and save the bar if you want it to explode.


Bulldozer = use this to move around in the game.

Race Car  = use it to move faster.

Frog = use this to jump.

Game Settings

Click “Start Game” to select your game settings, including game type, number of players, levels, themes and difficulties. Kill all enemies in arcade mode. Kill 10 enemies with the weapons you collect in the weapon’s only weapon. Get rid of enemies and collect a lot of money in the Collect Coin mode. Kill the enemies and zealously start the first 50 characters in the purple plate mode.

Bomb It came back in the second part of the milk. You can play Bomb It Play 2 online and you can not see anything about shelling if you started doing it. Currently the energy is increasing and the fraction is the most used. More features are available in Bomb It 2, but the middle match is the same.

You are in war for your life to some users who are the same as you. You and you and the created website are the only way to survive too many balls!

One of the biggest changes you played in playing Bomb It 2 is that you have greater freedom in choosing what type of writing you want to play. You have to decide how many players are in the game as the number of opponents you need. At the same time, you can enjoy many cards so that everyone has a variety of features that change how you play the game or your progress. Listen and enjoy the explosion of all your eyes!