Bomb It 10

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Bomb It 10:

Are you ready for something else? How about a PC game that lets you call more suitable shots or bombs! Bomb 10 is an easy-to-use game that gives you the responsibility of blasting bombs to defeat your opponents.

It gives excitement and keeps you excited all the way. There is no time for trouble in this sequel to the bomb this series. In line with Sand Bomb, you are in the process of eradicating your enemy by bombing them from the party.


You will love it, your friends will love it and even your pet may like it. It’s time to take up a challenge with life with the bomb 10!


This game is quite easy to use because there are only a few keys to use to complete each level. You will get instructions on how to move your avatar and detonate bombs (the fun part!). You can blast as many bombs as you like, but try not to get stuck in the cross or it’s good! There are instructions about the specific keys to use at the beginning of the game and it is worth reading before attempting your first mission.


You have two different player options in this game, meaning you can play alone as a single player or with a friend or darling in two-player mode. There is a main menu at the beginning of the game that gives you access to the game, instructions to follow to play the right and opportunity to try another bomb in the series. You can choose from a variety of avatars to compete in this game and also select some options like the number of enemies you will meet on each level. Once you’ve done all your options, you’re ready to start! When you start, you can not stop.


The main purpose of this game is to eliminate your opponents before they reach you. If they lose a bomb on you, the game is over! So remember to get the enemy first before attacking. At each level, there will be several obstacles to overcome and these will be harder when the game continues. Something that’s about to be destroyed. You can also take some good bonus points to remove them.


With different levels to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice as you prefer. You always start at the simplest level and work to the toughest level at the end. Imagine you can do it so far? I’m sure you will have many hours of fun trying. The question is, are you ready to bomb 10?

Ready, Set, Bomb!